Carol Wesley, REALTOR
Carol Wesley, REALTOR


    Very few transactions are worry-free…there are sometimes numerous bumps in the road.

    My expertise helps you understand the fast-paced Real Estate process & all those documents you'll be signing.

    Realtor/Sage Parent/Data Analyst/Therapist—All Rolled Into One

    The Real Estate process is emotionally charged. As your Realtor, I work in YOUR BEST INTEREST. 

    • Constantly searching for & checking out listings for you
    • Marketing the homes for sale
    • Researching comps to make sure you're getting the best deal
    • And, of course, working for you at nearly all hours of the day and night—whether you need more info on a home or reassurance to feel at ease with the offer you just put in. 

    This is THE BIGGEST financial (and possibly emotional) decision of your life, and guiding you through it isn't a responsibility I take lightly.

    Turbocharged Searching Power

    Guess what? Realtors have access to even more listings. Sometimes properties are available but not actively advertised. I can help you find those hidden gems. 

    And since I'm a local Realtor I know your search areas VERY well. 

    Maybe you have your eye on a particular neighborhood, but it's just out of your price range. I'm equipped to know the ins and outs of every neighborhood, so I can direct you toward a home in your price range that you may have overlooked. 

    On Your Side To Seal The Best Deal For You

    You're going to encounter negotiations—and in today's HOT housing market heats up, those negotiations are more likely than ever to get a little heated. I've got bullish negotiating chops.  

    You can expect lots of competition, cutthroat tactics, all-cash offers, and bidding wars. Don't worry , hiring me gives you a savvy and professional negotiator on your side! 

    I will ensure that you get the best price, and favorable closing terms that are clearly spelled out. As your professional aide, I also oversee all paperwork related to your closing.

    Trust me - we've got this.